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For Immediate Release

January 23, 2019

Kate Rosenbarger


Bloomington, IN—Kate Rosenbarger announces her candidacy for Bloomington Common Council in District 1.

“I am running to be a true advocate and representative for all of the District 1 residents,” Rosenbarger says. “Bloomington is a wonderful city that I am happy to call home, but it is time for change.  I am excited to listen to District 1 residents, and to work together to create more opportunities for people to improve lives and strengthen their neighborhoods.”

Rosenbarger is a graduate of Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and has made a career in community development and housing affordability.  At NeighborWorks America, Rosenbarger worked with residents in neighborhoods across the U.S. to determine their neighborhood strengths, what was missing, and to set goals for improvement.  In 2018, she served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Liz Watson for Congress, and is now TEDxBloomington’s first Executive Director. 

“Through my work with neighborhoods and with Liz Watson’s campaign, I am more convinced than ever that change starts small—it starts in your community, in your neighborhood, with your neighbors.  It’s about sharing ideas, engaging, and working together.  Inspired by Bloomington’s women political leaders, including Liz Watson, Tomi Alison, Regina Moore, and Charlotte Zietlow, I will work to be fair, inclusive, and transparent. By coming together, we can help Bloomington become a more environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and economically prosperous place for all.”

Rosenbarger believes changes are needed on the Common Council.  “We need next generation leadership on Council.  We need greater diversity.  We need to work collaboratively with the administration.  We need to do a better job with community engagement. And we need to continue to make positive change that brings everyone along.”

Over the next few weeks, Rosenbarger will continue meeting with District 1 residents to understand their needs and visions.  She’s intent on providing equal representation and resources to every District 1 neighborhood. She will be asking residents about their ideas and views on housing affordability; transportation policy; development and land use (including the 2nd Street Bloomington Hospital site); historic districts; social equity and economic prosperity. 

Kate Rosenbarger–qualified, experienced and fair–is a future generation leader who is ready to represent District 1.

Kate lives with her husband, Ryan, and their Cairn terrier, POTUS. They all enjoy running, walking, chasing bunnies (just POTUS for this one), eating vegetables, and spending time in the sun. 

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