I’m running for city council to be an advocate and representative for everyone who lives in District 1.  I am running to cultivate a city government that is inclusive, transparent, and responsive. I’m running to create a more sustainable city that lifts up everyone: To bring out the best of our neighborhoods while welcoming families of all income levels to live alongside each other;  to improve our transportation system for everyone, whether you drive, bike, walk, or ride; and to make every decision through a sustainability lens.

I am an experienced, next-generation leader who will bring a new perspective to council. I’ll challenge the status quo and tackle the tough issues. By sharing ideas, listening to others, and working together toward common goals, we can build a better Bloomington for everyone.  

Inclusive, Responsive, and Transparent City Government

I believe community engagement and resident participation are key to a healthy local government and a thriving community.  It takes teamwork to continue to move Bloomington forward. When residents come together—to listen, to share ideas and concerns, to use our collective skills and experiences—we can reach Bloomington goals, bring everyone along, and have fun doing it.

I work best when I’m a member of a team, and that’s how I view the role of a city councilperson.  In District 1, we are a team of neighbors who are working together to create more opportunities for people to improve their lives and strengthen their neighborhoods.  By engaging and empowering residents from different backgrounds, we draw on local knowledge and create more effective solutions that work for all of us.

I am an experienced, next-generation leader who is ready to bring fresh ideas and a new perspective to council.  As a councilperson, I will be inclusive and transparent. I will be available and responsive to residents. Here’s how:

  • I will hold monthly constituent meetings at rotating locations across the district, so everyone has a chance to attend a meeting near their home.
  • I will knock doors and do neighborhood walks to check in with constituents.
  • I will be available and responsive to residents.

Neighborhoods and Housing Affordability

Where we live can influence our health, our economic potential, and our children’s futures. Everyone–no matter age, ability, income, or race—deserves the option to live somewhere affordable, convenient, beautiful, and safe.  This allows people to put down roots and communities to grow strong. It also gives homeowners and renters alike the stability to keep their children in school, anticipate financial expenses, and get to know their neighbors.

Bloomington is full of unique, historic, and eclectic neighborhoods.  It is important to cultivate neighborhood preservation that brings out the best of our neighborhoods while welcoming families and young professionals of all income levels.  

Sustainability and Climate Change

For years and years, we have depended on a stable climate. Now, we face the reality that this foundation will crumble within our lifetime. Communities across the country are feeling impacts, with working-class people and people of color being hit the hardest.  In Bloomington, we need to do our part to transform our economy and community to stop the climate crisis. We can make necessary, important changes by viewing every decision through a sustainability lens.

We need sustainable solutions because we must address climate change here in Bloomington.   Climate action and sustainability aren’t just about the environment.

Climate change impacts are linked to social, racial, and economic justice.  By making decisions through a sustainability lens, we can increase access for all to have safe, convenient, and affordable housing; we can diversity our transportation options so people choose how they get around; and we can invest in our downtown to have a more supportive, thriving community.

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